#10 unreleased Charli XCX & Toms Juice NYC

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If you missed last week’s newsletter, I interviewed vintage furniture queen @doubles_tennis. @doubles_tennis is a traveling circus of vintage furniture, art, design objects, sometimes books and clothes too.” You can check out the interview here!

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“On any given night in America, there are nearly half a million people sitting in jail before trial simply because they can’t afford bail. The Bail Project™ National Revolving Bail Fund provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who are legally presumed innocent, and whom a judge has deemed eligible for release before trial contingent on paying bail.

[Cash bail] criminalizes poverty and is a structural linchpin of mass incarceration and racial inequality. It affects entire communities, devastates families for generations, and guts the presumption of innocence.”

Here is a good video that explains America’s cash bail system. Swipe through this post as well!

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feature of the week: Toms Juice

Place an order, and Tom will hop on his bike and hand deliver delish cold-pressed juice to you. Save 4 bottles and exchange them for a free juice as a part of his recycling program.

Hello! What is Toms Juice for those who don't already know?

“Toms Juice is a cold pressed, made to order, juice company based in NYC.”

What made you want to start Toms Juice?'

“A few factors. But the main reason is I really enjoy creating things, products, brands etc. I'm always thinking of how I can re-invent the wheel, make something different/better.”

Can you tell me about the process of taking orders, making the actual juice, and then delivering it?

“Yeah cool, well people just hit me up through Instagram mainly. I get a few orders through the website as well, even text and emails. It all really depends on how busy the next day is looking. But generally, I consolidate all orders the night before or super early in the morning. The day of delivery I prep all the fruit, juice it, pack it up in my cooler bags, stack em in the back of my trailer I have for my push bike and then get on the road. I try get Brooklyn done by noon and then get over the bridge to the city after that.”

And tell me more about yourself, Tom!

“Shit ok well, I am from New Zealand. I have been living in New York for about two and a half years. I love New York and my friends and find it hard to talk about myself.”

You also have some really fun tshirts for sale on your website! Who makes those?

“My friend David (@deezw0rld) does all the airbrushing on them. He's super talented with the art, it's sick!”

What are your interests/passions/hobbies outside of making and delivering delicious cold pressed juices?

“Yeah, the juice is definitely taking up a lot of time. So, when I find the time, I am playing tennis or chilling.”

How can we order from you?

“The best way is via direct message on Instagram and the website tomsjuicenyc.com

Any hopes, goals, and dreams for Toms Juice? :)

“Lots :)”

Follow Tom on Instagram at @tomsjuicenyc and place an order via DMs or on his website, tomsjuicenyc.com! Don’t forget to check out the fun tees as well :)

RIP MoviePass

been into…

  • The most satisfying bedside/coffee table tray with the cutest name ever–Little Cloud Tray 🥺

  • Listening to XCX World (old, half-unreleased Charli XCX album). Sorry for faking out real Charli heads with this newsletter title hehe

  • These pants…you know the ones…

  • P.F. Candle Co. is like, the OG trendy candle. But their incense is so inexpensive and underrated! Amber & Moss is my fave scent of theirs.

  • So obsessed with this cute raccoon account. They’re so…….pretty??????

  • new arrivals from Entireworld!

  • These handmade masks

  • Aēsop’s new candles


Haim Cast Robert Pattinson As An “Emotional Vampire” For Their “3AM” Performance On Seth Meyers stereogum
Haim’s song 3AM starts with a drunk voicemail, and they call up RPatz to play the role. If you click ANYTHING in this email, let it be this video.

How Academics, Egyptologists, and Even Melania Trump Benefit From Colonialist Cosplay Hyperallergic

“From khakis to pith hats, certain items of clothing have become enduring emblems of European colonialism and particular scholars who know these problematic histories choose to engage in the aesthetics of colonialism in their everyday lives.”

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