#4 Buttery Sheets and Logo Flips.

and home things and vintage and Cuomo Dogs.

I hope this email finds you hydrated.

Though not official until September 22nd (the autumn equinox), it’s already starting to feel like Fall. I’m veerrryyy ready to stop sweating upon arrival to all my engagements (which luckily at this time, there are few).

The changing of the seasons makes us, oh, how you say, “feel some type of way” (WAIT, this Quora is so funny).

For some reason the “back to school” feeling doesn’t seem to leave, which motivates us to buy that $30 Moleskine planner and get “organized” (which works for like a month). I personally find myself wanting to rearrange my living space around this time. The sun sets earlier and we’re thinking about busting out the SAD lamps. Right after Summer, early Fall is a prominent moving time. It’s cuffing season. We’re excited to wear sweaters, hoodies, and jeans.

For me it feels bittersweet, as I’m excited for a new pace and change of scenery, but anticipating the cold and dark *insert iMessage Invisible Ink effect* …Winter.

But I think we need to unlearn expecting the worst and just fucking chill in the present. It will all be fine.

Head’s up– this email is about to be very link-heavy, so it’s most ideal to read this on your computer.

Lockdown pt. 2 will be more aesthetic.

Sorry, not a funny joke 😓I’m getting a lot of requests for homeware/decor. Here are some picks:

Wanna grab a socially-distanced Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

September 11, 2020

Feature of the Week: Chicago Found Goods

What is Chicago Found Goods? What do you do?

Chicago Found Goods is a small business that sells vintage finds—mostly men’s clothing, but also art, home goods and other unique pieces. I try to offer both rare gems and approachable, everyday items  that can easily fit in your existing wardrobe or home—Like a 1990s Ralph Lauren barn coat or a mid-century ashtray for your desk or bar.”

Could you tell me more about yourself?

“Along with vintage, I enjoy all things art and design. I work in the graphics/print industry but currently in a less creative role. To scratch the creative itch I do freelance graphic design and have began creating and selling tees and other merch.”

Do you design all the merch? What's the process?

“I design all the merch, which can be anything from an original concept to a logo flip or a rip off a vintage design—like the Birkenstock tee.

The designs are usually pretty simple and clean with a sort of bootleg vibe. I try to create things that would catch my eye on the rack at a thrift store or a souvenir shop.

I also created Failing Upwards Agency, an Instagram page (@failingupwardsagency) where I post a lot of my other artwork.”

Could you tell me about your relationship with the podcast Throwing Fits (formerly known as Failing Upwards)? I see some of your merch references inside jokes from the pod. It's actually how I found your account!

“According to Jimmy and Larry, the hosts of Throwing Fits, each paying subscriber of the podcast is a best friend... so we’re pretty tight. However, in reality I have no affiliation with the pod besides being a long-time follower and big supporter. I started Failing Upwards Agency to serve as a half-assed, unofficial creative agency within the Throwing Fits universe. We create original content and designs inspired by The Only Podcast That Matters™ and the culture that surrounds it.”

What's something interesting happening in fashion right now?

“The pendulum is swinging back towards people wanting to get ‘dressed-up’ and our current cultural situations are going to amplify and accelerate that. It seems like menswear is coming back, but maybe more relaxed and casual.

Being so connected via the internet, we have been introduced to every style, culture, era, genre, etc. in fashion. It’s simple to pick and choose exactly what you like and incorporate that in to your own personal style. Plus, it’s never been easier to shop small businesses that are making those products and doing it right.

Vintage and small business will continue to grow.  Consumers like to seek out things that they believe are special and want to purchase quality items that are well made. Also, it will become more important for people to feel good about where they are spending their money.”

Any hopes/wishes/goals/dreams for Chicago Found Goods? :)

“I hope to take Chicago Found Goods from a side hustle to a legit business. I plan to focus on developing the website further and expanding our stock to eventually offer weekly product drops.

I will continue to pursue design projects and other creative work. If I can make a living off of these things... I’m good.”

Follow @chicagofoundgoods and @failingupwardsagency on Instagram and check out the latest on chicagofoundgoods.com.

The epitome of bittersweet.

Not-so-happy hour.

The Crazy Foods Bushwick Bars are Offering to Comply with Cuomo’s Order
Bushwick Daily
Cup O’Noodles, “gazpacho” (V8 with pepper sprinkled on top, so I’ve heard), Pop-Tarts, and of course Cuomo Dogs are just some of the ridiculous foods being served with your drink to comply with Governor Cuomo’s State Liquor Authority. The idea is that less people will go to bars if they’re required to order food. But not all bars have kitchens, so it’s caused the already struggling industry an additional headache.
As of August 17th, 148 bars have had their liquor licenses taken. A petition called SEATING NOT EATING looks to reverse Cuomo’s order.

“SEATING NOT EATING is a far more elegant solution. It also does not require additional staffing or other expenditures that place an additional burden on an industry that is already suffering severe financial hardship.”

Sign the petition here.

Research Links Blackout Drinking to Doubled Dementia Risk
Scientists surveyed 131,415 participants and followed up with them more than a decade later.

“A team of doctors from University College London found that those who drank to the point of losing consciousness developed neurodegenerative diseases at just over twice the rate of those who hadn’t.”

Oh shit.

Open your purse!

In reference to this cultural phenom. Every month I’m going to pick an organization for us to donate to together. Venmo me at @elisebang (email me if you prefer a different method) and at the end of every month, I’ll match up to $50.

This month I’m choosing Brave Space Alliance. They’re the first Black-led, Trans-led LGBTQ Center working on the South Side of Chicago. Right now, they’re the only LGBTQIA+ -ran food pantry in the Midwest! If you’re local to Chicago, they’re always taking supply donations, and they do a great job of creating culturally affirming donation lists. Learn more about Brave Space Alliance here.

Let’s see how much we can raise by the end of September!


Same time next week?

As always, thanks for reading twenty three tabs. If you missed last week’s newsletter, it’s here. I had a lot of fun interviewing new Natural Wine Club, Bummer Wines. They’re based in Pilsen, Chicago and strive to highlight small farms/minority-owned wineries.

What else do you want to see going forward? Shoot me an email at eliseabang@gmail.comTweet me, slide into my Instagram DMs ;)
Weeeeee talk to you next week! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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